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Are  you looking for the best online marketing tips for your YouTube video? Do you want some video marketing tips and tricks you can use? Whether you’re using an animated video, music video, or a traditional affiliate marketing video, you can use the tips in this video as part of an effective marketing plan. As a matter of fact, all these tips are geared towards online marketing, so no postcards are needed. You can use these tips whether you have a video on small businesses,insurance, lawyers, real estate, or retail sales. It’s really anyone’s game, as long as you have some sort of video that you want to promote on the internet. So, let’s get started.

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10 Internet Marketing Tips for Your Video

Are you ready to market your video your video on the internet? Well, the thing is, you can’t just throw it at blank wall, and hope for the best. You need to structure and that’s what you’ll get with next 10 online marketing tips.

Online Marketing Tips

  1. Keyword Research – Don’t assume you know what people are searching for online. That’s where keywords come in and you need to choose them appropriately. In fact, you can tailor your future videos around them to make your campaign run smoother. There are plenty of ways to find keywords.
    Google Keyword Planner
    Google AutoSuggest
    Market Samuri
    Google Searches Related to
    Those are all great ways to find keywords. Once you have some ideas, put them into Google keyword planner and see if the terms you selected are getting searches and what the competition level is like. Obviously you want to go with something that gets at least 100 searches a month. You can use Market Samuri to do keyword research and an in depth competition report as well. Learn more about Market Samuri.
  2. How to – A lot of people go on YouTube to learn something or solve a problem. That’s why we suggest you put together some how to web videos. Whether your channel is cooking, fashion advice, gaming, real estate, small business, or affiliate marketing, you can answer questions in a helpful way. Just research it in Google Keyword Planner first. Simply type in “how to + your keyword” and see what pops up.
  3. Name Your Images – It won’t hurt to take some time and rename your images with your keywords. If you can fill in the title and description and give your image 5 stars, so much the better. Google may or may not be able to see this, but it’s a good practice to get into.
  4. Watch the Competition – Take a look at the videos of your competition and see what you’re up against. You can go into YouTube, type in your keyword, and see who comes up first. Take note on how they title their videos, organize their channel, and how many videos and subscribers they have. Then do this for the second and third video. This will give you an idea on what’s working and what’s not. Compare video 1 and video 10 and see what’s different. You can really learn a lot this way.
  5. Check out their backlinks – You can see where their backlinks are coming from just by popping their video in Market Samuri, Majestic, Ahhreefss.

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Go ahead and make a list of the good backlinks and figure out how to replicate them. Of course you’re going to skip over the spammy ones. Just save the list and get these backlinks for your video.

  1. Title Your Video – Be sure and put your main keyword in your video. If possible also include a secondary one as well. Just make it look natural and human readable. And please, don’t use all caps. That just hard to read and you want people to be able to read your title so they watch your video.
  2. Link in the description – Put the url to your website in the description of your video. This should be the first things you type in. Then start your video description with your keyword and end your description with your keyword. Sprinkle in some related/lsi keywords throughout it and make sure it reads well. Your description is not a turkey, so don’t stuff it with keywords.
  3. Know Your Audience- Always know who you’re talking to and gear your videos, blog posts,and tweets towards them. Get to know them, answer their questions, and make your videos seem like they’re just for them.
  4.  Keep Learning – Internet marketing is always evolving and changing and you need to keep up with it. Read at least one internet marketing blog post to stay ahead of the curve.
  5.  Set Clear Goals – Have some goals for your video campaign. Do you want your video to rank on Google and in YouTube? Do you want a certain number of views on your video? Do you want to increase your subscriber base? You need to measure these things every month or what’s the point of putting these tips to use.

Tips to Use in Addition to Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Email Marketing Tips

One way to get more views on your video is sending it via email to your list of subscribers. Here’s a few tips on setting up a great email.
How to Create a Fantastic Email for Your Video

  1. Use SendinBlue – You don’t have to figure out how to make an email from scratch. Use sendinBlue and you’ll have a premade templates at your fingertips. That makes things a lot easier for you. You just pick one you like, fill in your text, and put in your images, and you’re ready to go.
  2.  Friendly Talk – You’re not out to impress anyone with your vocabulary with these emails. Relax, and act like your writing to a friend who just has see this great video you found. Get in that head space and write your email. Remember, keep your language geared to your audience.
  3.  Ask for a Share – At the end of the email include a P.S. that says share this video. You’ll get more views on your video that way.
  4.  Short paragraphs – Keep your paragraphs 5 sentences long. Anything longer than that, and people start skimming over your email. Vary it up with bullet points as well.

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Resist the urge to upload your video onto Facebook if you want to get more views on it in YouTube. That’s because it’ll be watched on Facebook, instead of YouTube, and you’ll lose out on all those views on your channel. Share the link to it on Facebook instead.
How to Market Your Video on Facebook
Here’s how to keep your Facebook followers interested in you and your videos.

  1.  Answer all your comments. If someone takes the time to leave a comment, write something back. This will increase the chances of them interacting with your page in the future simply because you’ve shown interest in them. People love attention on Facebook.
  2.  Post at lunchtime, 4 p.m.,after dinner, and all day Sunday. This is the time most people are on Facebook and this will increase the chances of your post getting viewed.
  3.  Be more interesting than the next guy. Can you be more interesting than your competition? Great people will keep their eyes on your page.
  4. Post consistently. Don’t let your page grow cold. Keep posts going every day if you can. Give people a reason to come back.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Facebook isn’t the only place to promote your video. Here’s some other sources of social media love:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

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Those are just some of the main ones. You can expand out to more niche relevant ones as well.
Just remember to follow the same main rules of social media:

  1. Post consistently
  2. Answer comments
  3. Keep it interesting
  4. Post after lunch, after dinner, and around 4 p.m. Those guidelines work for Facebook and should work for other sites as well.


Social Video Marketing Tips

The best thing you can do to help get your video in front of more, is to upload it to multiple video sharing platforms. The following list is by no means all inclusive, so search for more. These are just the most popular ones at the moment.
Here are the top video sites to post your videos on:

  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Liveleak
  • VEOH
  • Break
  • Metacafe

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Uploading your video to these sites in addition to YouTube will create diversity in your campaign and get your video in front of new eyes. It can also help you with your backlinks, because you can include a link to your YouTube video in the description of these videos. It may not make your video viral, but it will increase your viewership. Just remember to upload to these sites every time you upload to YouTube. Make your channels on these video sharing sites as active, organized, and engaging as your YouTube channel. As long as you don’t use them as throw away sites just to get links from, you should be good.

Just remember the optimal image sizes are:

  • Banners – 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Icon – 800 x 800 pixels

Get as close to those sizes as possible and your channel will be looking good.

Youtube Video Marketing Tips

There are ways to help set your channel apart from the crowd. The following tips are crucial if you’re just starting out, because you can set everything up correctly the first time. If you already have a channel set up, just change it as needed.

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Video Marketing Tips: Getting Started With Videos on YouTube

  1.  If you can upload an image, do it. Don’t leave your channel banner or your YouTube channel icon blank. Put a great looking picture there.
  2.  Engage with your viewers. Respond to all of the comments left on your videos. That alone can increase the popularity of your channel, because most people don’t bother.
  3. Find out what your viewers want. Ask them at the end of your next video. You could just say, what do you want the next video to be about? This will also increase your comments and keeps your channel active. It’s a real win win.
  4.  Ask for viewers to create video introductions for your next video. People love the idea of being t.v. and this is a form of doing that in a way. You’ve made them the star of your channel for the day. They’re watching your videos, so why not.
  5.  Keep you channel organized. Have an introduction video playing for when people come across your channel. Let them know what to expect. Also, keep your videos categorized with playlists. You want it to be easy to sort through and watch your videos.
  6. Ask people to subscribe. Have a subscribe button at the end of your videos. That’s just one of the analytics that get tracked on YouTube, so make it obvious that you want people to subscribe to your videos. You could record a quick outro asking for people to subscribe and add that to the end of your videos.

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